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Helle Trevino is our Danish hero. Bodymag has been following her since the first time we met her at Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas. 2020 was the year she came on the podium. Next year she goes for victory.

You got a podium place in Olympia in 2020. Congratulations! How does it feel?

— Competing at the Olympia is always an honor. I’m grateful for placing in the top of my field. I worked a long time to perfect my craft and I’ll continue that work until I’ll be 1st place. 

Is the idea to win next year?

— Yes. 


It is not that many years ago that IFBB removed bodybuilding for women in Mr. Olympia and also in other competitions. It’s a bit discriminating against women in bodybuilding? What do you think?

— We’re seeing gender discrimination in many sports. I think it’s sad we’re still dealing with this type of problem in the 21th century. Women work just as hard and should be equally rewarded and have equal opportunities. 

Men don’t own the copyright on building muscle. Women want to build muscle too!

Helle Trevino

How did bodybuilding for women come back again?

— I’m grateful that Jake Wood has taken over now. He founded Wings of Strength after the previous owners of Olympia weekend got rid of the Ms. Olympia competition. He wanted to give us equal opportunities to compete and make money as the professional bodybuilders we are. We were at the time basically out of the job. Imagine getting fired after you’ve spent 20 years in the sport: “We don’t want you anymore”. That was hard. But the following year Jake advertised his new top of the line show: The Rising Phoenix World Championships. And as the Rising Phoenix we rose. The prize money increased from $20.000 for a Ms. Olympia win to a $50.000 cash prize and a $100.000 brand new sports car for the RPW win. He started sponsoring competitions who still offered women’s bodybuilding. Wings of strength just got started in 2015 with their first show, but now they dominate the industry. They keep expanding their shows all over the World, they own several talk shows and web based news channels and in 2019 they bought the Olympia competition! Women’s bodybuilding is here to stay! 

In 2017 Helle got a Jeep Wrangler after winning The Rising Phoenix World Championships. In 2019 she won again and got the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody.

How would you say it is to be a bodybuilder compared to being a male bodybuilder in terms of acceptance?

— Bodybuilding for women is more popular than ever, but we still have a long way to go. It’s society in general that’s fucked up, lol. We’re ruled by gender roles and generally speaking we as human beings have little tolerance for each other and our different choices in life. Just because someone has a different goal or body type, or even beauty ideal than you, doesn’t make it wrong. Let’s celebrate that we’re different. Diversity is GOOD, or we’d all do and look the same! Men don’t own the copyright on building muscle. Women want to build muscle too! Let everyone be individuals and do what makes them happy. Enough with the body shaming. No matter if we’re skinny, fat or muscular — or whatever — let us be the unique woman we are. You don’t have to like my look, but you better respect me. 

Bodybuilder Helle_Trevino

When did you become interested in bodybuilding?

—I started working out already in college at 15 years old. When I was 17 I got really serious and at 22 I competed in my first competition.

Did you ever hesitate to build bigger muscles?

— No!

When did you win your first competition that you were really proud of and realized you wanted to go “all the way”?

—After I won my first bodybuilding competition which was the Danish Nationals I thought I might have some talent. I won it in my first try and qualified for the Scandinavian Championships (Nordisk Mesterskab) five weeks later. Again I won and claimed the heavyweight title at just 22 years old. The head judge came up to me back stage and said that if I wanted to pursue this I could go very very far. That’s when I knew for real that this was something I had a talent for, and I wanted to go all the way. 

Who is your biggest idol?

— My biggest idol growing up in the sport was Kim Chizewsky 

What would you say to girls who dream of having such a strong and muscular body as you? Any good advice?

— Be consistent. Believe in yourself. Don’t listen or surround yourself with negative people. Hire a coach. 

Bodybuilder Helle_Trevino

Finally, we would like to have a short description of what you eat on a normal day on season and how you divide muscle groups during the training week. 

— My typical diet on season look like this:

Meal 1: 2 cups egg whites,  3/4 cup oats (dry measure) and 1/2 cup blueberries or strawberries (frozen are fine), 50g protein, 55g carbs.
Meal 2: 45g whey protein isolate (must be an isolate – zero fat and zero carbs), 3/4 cup oats (dry measure), 45g protein, 45g carbs.
Meal 3: 6oz chicken or turkey breast (cooked measure), 1 cup white rice (cooked measure), 1 cup kale or spinach or green beans or broccoli or asparagus, 45g protein, 45g carbs.
Meal 4: 1.5 cups egg whites (38g protein), 1/2 cup cooked white rice, and 2 cups kale or spinach or green beans or broccoli or asparagus or cucumber, 38g protein, 25g carbs.
Meal 5: 6oz chicken or turkey breast (cooked measure), 5oz sweet potato OR red skin potato (cooked measure), 1 cup kale or spinach or green beans or broccoli or asparagus  45g protein, 30g carbs.
Meal 6: 45g whey protein isolate (must be an isolate – zero fat and zero carbs), 14 almonds (no carbs), 45g protein, 10g fat.

Training split: 3 on 1 off 


Chest, shoulder 



Biceps, triceps, calves 


Back (starting the cycle over) 


Thank you, Helle, for the interview. We are looking forward to seeing you on 1st place in Olympia. Good luck!

Bodybuilder Helle_Trevino

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